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We Offer a Broad Range of
Atherton-Exclusive Internet Services

From a 1 Gbps Standard Connection (GPON) to our premium 10 Gbps Private Home-to-Hub Fiber Line, our Atherton clientele have a range of exclusive options to suit their diverse requirements. To learn more, please schedule a consultation with our Atherton Accounts Concierge.

Still with Comcast or AT&T?
Do business with a local company that cares.

Stop putting up with unexpected rate increases.

Stop settling for sub-par speeds on aging networks.

Say goodbye to infuriating customer service.

Comcast raises its rates by $20/month after two years, and AT&T increases prices by an annual average of 3-5%. Atherton Fiber is committed to transparent pricing and no bogus fees.

Xfininty runs on an old coaxial cable service. It’s subject to losing speed during peak time, having much more buffering and lag. We'll give you ultra-fast fiber and flawless streaming.

Our customers say nice things about our responsive and accessible customer service. From pre-install consultations, custom installations, and solving technical issues, we've got you covered!

Why Atherton Fiber?

Speed and Reliability

Faster connections means faster data access, allowing you to do more, work more, and chill more. Let everyone in your house use multiple devices with no lags, delays, or buffering.

Community Focused

Locally owned and operated since 2015, we serve homes, schools, and public servants in and around Atherton. We invest in our community with programs designed to "Bridge the Digital Divide".

Personal Touch

Our customers say nice things about our responsive and accessible customer service. From pre-install consultations, custom installations, and solving technical issues, we've got you covered!


Save money, and get better internet.

With Atherton Fiber, you'll always get free installation with no contracts, bogus fees or scheduled rate increases. There will never be data caps or overage charges. It's just 100% pure, professional-grade fiber connections. Sign up now and get your first three months of service for free!







500x500 Mbps

1000x1000 Mbps

250x250 Mbps

Includes Wi-Fi Router

Includes Wi-Fi Router

Our entry-level plan delivers dependable performance and is adequate for households that don't typically need support for multiple devices at the same time.

Our mid-range plan delivers flawless streaming and great performance across the board, and is less expensive than AT&T's comparable plan.

Our most popular plan satisfies data-hungry households with professional-grade speeds. Compare it against Comcast's 900 x 20 plan: we're faster, and less expensive!

Break Free!

Comcast has marketing muscle. AT&T has customer service robots. But they also seem to have a lot of unsatisfied customers. Our emphasis on concierge-style service and ongoing relationships has been winning over customers since 2015. 


Atherton Fiber



Gigabit internet service

Symmetric up/down speeds and no data caps. Not ever.

Free installation. No contracts or cancellation fees.

Open access network with choice of internet service plans.

Option for ownership of private, unshared fiber line.

Fiber Installation

Getting Fiber: Three Simple Steps


We'll assess your property

We’ll come to your home to discuss with you the best installation method for your property.


We'll build your fiber

We’ll build the fiber from the street to a small box on the outside of your home. You don’t need to be present.


We'll get you connected

We then connect the fiber to an optical network terminal within your house. You're up and running!

“Installers were prompt and professional, and service has been rock solid.”

– Satisfied customer on Nextdoor

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What is fiber?

Fiber-optic networking consists of bundles of tiny clear glass or plastic fibers that take the place of copper wires. Because fiber transmits light instead of electrical signals, data travels faster—literally at the speed of light—offering users high bandwidth and data integrity over long distances.

How fast is fiber?

Atherton Fiber’s basic, shared residential connection enables speeds of up to 10Gbps. This allows everyone in your house to stream movies at the same time without interruptions or buffering—even in bandwidth-hungry 4K resolution. Connections are symmetrical as well, so you can upload home video as quickly as you stream a film.

What if my current internet service is adequate?

Even if you aren’t interested in a faster connection, our plans are demonstrably less expensive than your current provider. Future-proof fiber is also ready to bring you higher data speeds whenever they become available—no need to upgrade your cabling.

Welcome to the Fiberhood!

Atherton Fiber is a community-driven, open-access fiber optic network that delivers the fastest symmetrical internet connections.  

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